Saturday, August 25, 2007

dream car

the sun didn't come out for 5 days in a row last week. i'm pretty obsessed with the sun because i grew up in one of the cloudiest cities on earth and only escaped it to move to SF where i became accustomed to colors and shapes and their motivating qualities. i don't know if the gloom influenced the following dream, but i thought i would share it with you:
i'm on a metal gurney in a cafeteria being prepped for surgery. i ask my surgeon what they're going to do and she says, "we're going to operate on your brain". well, what part of my head are you going to cut into?” i ask. "oh, we'll go from the top of the head all along the side of your face and through your jaw." will it affect my speech?" i ask. i get the feeling it's really putting her out to be asked any questions at all, but as it is my brain, i press ahead. well, we just don't know." she says. she goes away and has a snack which involves tea. i can hear the clinking of cafeteria dishes. "let's do a test." she says when she returns. i see her coming at my head with the scalpel. won't i need anesthesia for this i ask?" "oh, no, the brain has no nerves in it." i don't seem to have the power to stop her as she carves a perfect puzzle piece shape out of the top left side of my head. she shows me the puzzle piece. as time passes i can tell that my brain is swelling a bit and poking through the puzzle piece hole in my head. she gives me the puzzle piece of my skull back so that i can hold it over my brain. i start screaming - "hey, something’s wrong here!
my brain seems to be coming out! should i be holding my own brain in like this?" and then i wake up as i'm yelling.
believe it or not i don't think i was too disturbed by the dream, i just had a lingering feeling of injustice when i awoke.
any interpretations are welcome!
rest assured, the sun did come out yesterday, and it was even warm enough to have a restorative post-op picnic in the park!
x x p

Friday, August 17, 2007


i couldn't let us all depart for another frivolous weekend without us bowing our heads to contemplate death.
rest in peace lucky rabbit.
slow the hell down!
we all drive too fast.
no, i didn't murder this rabbit.
i came upon the creature on a walk near a castle at a baby naming party i attended last weekend.
castle party still lifes to come......

Friday, August 10, 2007

bunnies bunnies everywhere
but this one sang
into my ear
i'm stretching my hind quarters out for all the bunny fans in san francisco!

hello from the lit&phil

long summer days spent at the newcastle literature and philosophical society. natural light. f1.8.

Hello from the Dorman Natural History Museum, Middlesbrough, England.

Monday, August 6, 2007

close your eyes

go to your happy place go to your happy place go to your happy place

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

all aboard the whippet express

toot toot. who wants to climb aboard the whippet express? hey, what's that?

all aboard the whippet express

is that the view from little phyllis' house? no, silly that's one of the sites on the mighty A1 motorway that Mr. Bubbles and little phyllis took………

all aboard the whippet express

……… to the breathtakingly beautiful town of Cambride.

hooray, more bikes than cars!!!!

all aboard the whippet express

King Henry the 8th's dress at the entrance to Trinity College.

all aboard the whippet express

and then the next day.......oh, look a music festival! finally the whippet knows what woodstock was like without the good music, drugs & sex or running WATER.

all aboard the whippet express

can a hairless bunny spend an entire day in a tent. oh, yes she can.

all aboard the whippet express

all aboard the whippet express

all aboard the whippet express

let's wait in line for 45 minutes to brush our teeth with 20,000 new friends and no WATER.

all aboard the whippet express

and I also know what Mortville would have been like....pies for sale!!!!

good times.

all aboard the whippet express

Last Chance Texaco sounds tremendously great in England, especially when you're the oldest whippet in the coral. Rickie was having a hard day, but her voice is definately still there!