Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Angry Anniversary

Here I go again, hoping that a presidential election will solve my personal dilemma. If a democrat does get in, we have a chance in hell of getting civil partnerships recognized on a federal level. Problem solved. I get to move home with Helen.
Here is a letter that moved me quite a bit. I received it through Out 4 Immigration's yahoo group and it was a response to another couple's similar problem. Helen and I moved to avoid more of this in our lives. This is what our fellow "citizens" are going through:
"I've had enough of this country. I have been with my partner (US citizen) 4 years. I came to the states with a B2 visa 5 years ago. I decided to stay after it expired, because I loved it here, then I found the love of my life I couldn't leave him so I decided to stay here with him. Today I went to the community college in my area and was denied 1 simple class because of my legal status here. I have taken several classes in different schools in Dallas area but what happened to me today made me see the severity of my status here. As much as I want to make a life here with my partner, I will keep finding these barriers. We are in love and been together for a few years, him being a us citizen can not do anything to help. We had been thinking about moving to Canada, I got a little worried when I started reading blogs about how hard life can be for new immigrants there, but at this point, I've had enough of this. I want to live free like any other normal couple in the world and now I don't care in what country. As much as we fight to survive here it's very hard for a bi-national couple. Always the constant fear of being separated. Always being very carefull about the decisions we make thinking about what could happened, and sometimes some can not even get on a plane without fears. We decided to move to Canada. I will put all my efforts into doing that this year. We love it here and this is my partner's country but we can not stay here anymore. We need some peace in our lives. Anyone had any advice on moving to Canada? maybe Lawyer's information? the fastest way to process canadian visas?"
and a response -
"Today my partner of almost five years
had to return to his country because we couldn't get a visa for him
to stay here. I'm devastated and miss him already, even though it
has been less than one day since his departure. I never thought that
I would have so much animosity towards the US Government. After all
this is the country of my birth and I should be allowed to live with
the person I love. I don't blame you for making the decision to move
to Canada, I've seriously thought about it myself. We had to make a
hard choice, and I just hope it was the right one. My partner found
a good job in his country that we hope will lead to his return to the
US in a couple of years. In the mean time I've decided to stay in
this country and join the fight for our freedom to live together in
the US. It was a scary choice for us to make and we hope it will
turn out okay. This is a hard decision and is something that each
couple needs to think hard about. I wish you good luck with your
decision. If you do decide to stay in the US, I hope you will join
me in supporting and working for candidates for office that support
civil unions or same sex marriage at the federal level."

By the way, The US government sure considers me a citizen at tax time, but not when I want to live in my own home with the woman I love.
Today is the 1 year anniversary of my move here, and yes, I'm still quite angry. After I celebrate this anniversary of anger, I'll go back to my light and silly picture blog. Don't you know it's not good to hold all of that anger inside? It blocks you up and stops you from killing. For a brilliant and inspiring take on the current state of the presidential race, check out Marcy Sheiner's essay, "The Tear Shed Round the World":

In exile with love,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

terese& helen

at niagara falls, christmas eve, 2007.