Thursday, July 19, 2007

bleckedy bleck

yes, the whippet took a trip to cambridge, and spent the weekend at a music festival....and the pink ladies had
their photo show!!!!!!........blah blah blah. pictures to come, but here's what really matters today. thanks, patrick -
( i don't know why you can't just click on this, but cut and paste if you're a stangers with candy fan. high maintenance blog)- p

Monday, July 9, 2007

little phyllis & mr. bubbles are fighting again! oh, no they're not, they're just jacked up on Mavis' Famous Dirt Cake!
that's right, after 15 years of wishing and dreaming i finally made shar's mom's delicious practical joke chocolate dessert that you'd leave an opium den for. once you have everybody convinced that there's a plant sitting on the table, dig in with a spoon and watch as your guest's eyes pop out. oh, how we laughed. yes we did. helen's acting abilities brought her mother to the brink of collapse. you can get the recipe for this from shar & mavis' cookbook: and yes you want it. yes you do.